Theodore Wirth Park initiative

January 9th, 2011 Webmaster Posted in News Comments Off on Theodore Wirth Park initiative

The City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation has submitted a plan to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to consolidate Theodore Wirth Park as an outdoor recreation hub:

“The Minneapolis parks system has lakes and riverfronts with asphalt walking and biking trails. It has dramatic features like Minnehaha Falls. It has pocket parks within reach of most citizens. It has soccer parks and baseball fields, and hockey rinks and ice arenas. What it does not have is a park devoted to lifetime activities – also known as active or silent sports. The northern portion of Theodore Wirth should be that park.

The idea is to create a central location for silent sports like cross country skiing,
mountain biking, trail running, disc golf, cyclo-cross, hiking and perhaps BMX bike riding.  The central location would act as a hub for these activities, with a central building, parking lot, and facilities catering to the silent sports community.  For instance, the building would contain a great room for meetings, a bike and ski shop (a North Minneapolis version of the Midtown Bike Station), office space for organizations devoted to increasing all, but especially youth participation in these activities, and a restaurant or coffee shop.”

Download the full proposal.

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State trail funds get boost

January 9th, 2011 Webmaster Posted in News Comments Off on State trail funds get boost

The additional income provided by a Minnesota Ski Pass fee increase will allow the State grant-in-aid trail fund to increase support for trails. The MNSA has recommended to the DNR that funds be used to:

  • Increase grants to existing trails
  • Expand existing trail systems
  • Include new systems in the grant-in-aid program
  • Fund capital improvements to grant-in-aid trails
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DNR Trail Maintenance Forecast

October 24th, 2007 Webmaster Posted in News Comments Off on DNR Trail Maintenance Forecast

Looking Ahead
Cross-Country Ski Trails
DNR Maintenance Forecast

By Megan Huls
Trails Reporter

If you’re a true Minnesotan, you’re looking forward to the possibility of several feet of white stuff covering the earth this winter. And if you’re a true cross-country skier, you’re hoping the trails will be ready and continually maintained for a long season.

Several trails throughout the state, nearly 700 miles worth, are maintained through the DNR Cross-Country Ski Trails Grant-in-Aid Program, which was created by the State Legislature in 1973 and is funded from the sale of cross-country ski trail passes. Ski passes are required on state forest lands, state trails, state park trails, and all Grant-in-Aid trails. Ski passes are available for one day ($5), a year ($15) or three years ($40).

“Buying a ski pass is an investment in the sport of skiing because funds are used to build and maintain trails,” said Andrew Korsberg with the Minnesota DNR Trails and Waterways Division.

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