2018 Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Bruce Adelsman and Darby Nelson

Minnesota-Based Collegiate High Achievers

Maria Hauer and Tamer Mische-Richter


Minnesota High School League Individual Pursuit Champions

 Mara McCollor and Garrett Beckrich


Minnesota Biathlon High Achievers

Vasek Cervenka and Emma Stertz
Award received by Vasek’s father


Special Message from Jessie Diggins

Press Release


2018 Award Winners:

Lifetime Achievement Award – Bruce Adelsman and Darby Nelson

Minnesota High School Boy’s Nordic Pursuit Champion – Garrett Beckrich

Minnesota High School Girl’s Nordic Pursuit Champion – Mara McCollor

Minnesota-Based Collegiate High Achiever – Tamer Mische-Richter

Minnesota-Based Collegiate High Achiever – Maria Hauer

Minnesota Biathlon High Achiever – Emma Stertz

Minnesota Biathlon High Acheiver – Vasek Cervenka

Minnesota Master Skier – Olavi Seppala


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